Sultry Summer Stories Walkthrough


The last time you were in this city was when you were a kid. Now you’re back. You’re staying at your mom’s friend’s house, under the same roof with her two daughters, whom you knew since childhood. A lot has changed, and you have changed too. So what do we have? Hot summer, a city where no one knows you, and many beautiful women around. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, but we both know what you want to do this summer, right?​


  1. Downstairs > Request
  2. Return the book to Mrs Turner (1st house on the left)
  3. Miranda’s house > Talk to Samantha (her room 2nd floor) > talk to Miranda (kitchen) > She will ask you to take Veronica’s bag
  4. Downtown district > Summer Gym (east side)
  5. Your house > Shower (miranda) > peep
  6. Backyard > (white door hallway 1st floor) > Ladder > Miranda’s bedroom window
  7. Downstairs > Living room
  8. Night: Skeat into her bedroom


  1. Her room (2nd floor) > Talk to her
  2. Meet Veronica and talk to her (she will be on the beach)
  3. Save after the first scene
Sultry Summer Stories Walkthrough


  1. Return the book Miranda gave you to her


  1. Return the book Miranda gave you to Mrs Turner
  2. Night (Save before the next step): Near a pawnshop in Suburb > use force to stop her without letting her knock you out
  3. Next day: Visit her in her apartment (Downtown, bottom left corner, near the bus stop)
  4. Bring her something to drink:
    1. Bottle of red wine: Basement of miranda’s house
    2. Bottle of white wine: Buy it in a cafe (suburb) for $5)
Sultry Summer Stories Walkthrough


  1. (Requires Veronica step 3) Take her bag with gym clothes she left at home
  2. Talk to Samantha about Veronica’s behavior


  1. Park Area (Path leading to the bridge over the river)
  2. Find and catch her cat (random location, but in the park area or in the Suburb)
  3. Miranda’s house > Basement > Take the empty bad
  4. Shed (backyard) > Take the gloves
  5. Mr Fluffy > Do it
  6. Keisha: Give her her cat


  1. (Requires Samantha step 2) Beach: She will be with Samantha


  1. Pearl Cove: Beach > Follow the path to the left > Talk to her
  2. Find her package: By a palm tree near the ruins closest to the shore
  3. Next day: Her pawnshop (south east part of Suburb) > Buy and sell items

Cards Locations

Go for the cards after completing the routes, some of them require previous steps

  • Spring Beauty Miranda: 1st time you leave Miranda’s house
  • Destiny Warrior princess: Box in the basement of Miranda’s house
  • Keisha in wonderland: Park area, square with a fountain (upper left corner)
  • High Priestess Jasmine: Miranda’s house > 1st floor > under the plant pot next to the backyard door
  • Ferocious Huntress Veronica: Cafe in the suburbs > restroom > bin
  • Mage slayer Smantha: Treehouse in the suburbs, behind the wooden crate
  • Augmented Mercenary Sabrina: Red Light district > Billboard next to the theater
  • Spring Beauty miranda 2: Beach, plant near the parking lot
  • Destiny Warrior Princess 2: Park area > Talk to the x2 girls (running) > Give her a lolipop (vending machine)
  • Captain Sparrow: Beach at night > Parking lot
  • Spring beauty Miranda 3: Red light district > locked case on the roof of a building in the central part

Increasing Attributes

  • Fighting skills: case on the roof of a building in the central part of Red Light District
  • Eloquence: Booshelf in the living room of the 1st floor of Miranda’s house

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