Summertime Saga Walkthrough (All Routes)


Aqua Route


  • Unlock Forest: Ms Okita‘s route or also Mrs Johson‘s route
  • Unlock Church: Ms Ross route or also Mia‘s route
  • Get the Golden Key: Mia‘s route or also Mrs Johnson‘s route
  • Get de Fishing Rod: from the attic
  • Unlock clinic: Diane‘s route or also Mrs Johnson‘s route
  • Charisma level 7

The Treasure Hunt

  • Talk with Captaint Terry (Pier), he will give you a special lure if you find the golden compass for him
  • In the clinic, talk with the receptionist, then meet her on the 2º floor, go to the storage (right door) and you will have an scene. Finally read the obituary records to get the clue about the boatsmith tombstone
  • Go to the graveyard (through the broken wall in Diane’s garden) and interact with the tombstone (the one on the left)
  • Go to the tower of the church (upstairs) and examine the bell engravings
  • Open the old scroll you will find inside the tree with a hollow in Raven Hill
  • Get the treasure map: In the evening, complete the minigame of the stone in the middle of the forest – Half moon with 3 stripes (upper left)
  • Wait till the next day, go to the library, and find the book Derpy Answers
  • Get the old coin: it is in the Fountain (park) lower left corner
  • Go to the beach, then to the small island, and dig under the cross with the shovel (the shovel is inside your garage).
  • The code is: Octopus–Mermaid–Octopus–Anchor
  • Give the golden compass to Captain Terry and he will give you the golden lure in return


  • Go fishing: use the golden lure on the hole in seafloor. Aqua will steal the lure and you have to follow her. First defeat the octopus, and then escape the cave (Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up).
  • Once in Aqua’s lair offer her your help and return with captain Terry.
  • Ask him about retiring, and you will need to give him Tigger. Is a fish and you have to use the golden lure
  • Go back with Aqua and enjoy
  • You will also meet Seasucc there, if you bring back the mushroom (forest) you will unlock more scenes.


Consuela Route


  • Charisma 7
  • $1,000
  • Buy the Beachhouse ($5,000)

Rump’s mansion

  • Go to Mayor Rump’s mansion in the afternoon (requires Charisma = 7), follow the servant, after some scenes hide under the bed and finally have an encounter with Melonia
  • Next day go back to Rump’s mansion in the morning and talk to Melonia, then meet the gardener (Ricky) in the estate backyard in the afternoon.
  • Go to Shopping mall > Pink Store, meet Ivy, the robot (thobot) costs $1,000, buy it. After 2 days get the package from Pink store and give it to Consuela (Rump’s Mansion)

Consuela’s Job

  • (Sunday Morning) Go to the sidewalk of the Shopping mall and meet Consuela.
    • 1st go to the church and talk to Father Keeves. Wait one day and talk to him again
    • 2nd Go to the school with Consuela
    • 3rd and final choice = Hospital, now Consuela has a job
  • After 1 week go to the beachhouse and sleep (2nd floor > Bed), next day Consuela & Martinez will visit you
  • Next day visit Consuela in the kitchen and check on her
  • After one week meet her in the kitchen (afternoon)


  • One week later you will have an scene with Martinez when you wake up
  • And the next day, the scenes with Consuela


If you choose the pregnancy option, wait one week, read the phone message and go to the beach house. There will be another message and you will meet your son / daughter at the hospital. After another 3 weeks Consuela will be back at her job, as usual.


Daisy Route


  • Money: At least $5,270
  • Complete Diane‘s Route
  • Roxxy‘s Route: Progress until you beat Dexter at basketball

Mysterious Statue

You need to find the 3 parts of the Mysterious Statue:

  • Bottom part: Complete Diane’s Barn and look for Richard (Annie’s father)
  • Middle part: Go to the trailer part and ask Clyde abut his dog. Buy the Pink Beaver Pluhs (Cupid store – mall) and give it to Clyde
  • Top part: Buy the beach house and meet consuela there on thursday afternoon, meet her again next thusday afternoon
  • Cow girls: Go to the barn, examine the statue and ask Diane for milk, then pour it on the statue and enjoy the scene.

Meet Daisy

  • Wait 3 days, go to the barn and meet Daisy
  • Wait 2 days and go to Diane’s garden to take care of the garden. You will have to go to Tony’s Pizza, buy a veggie pizza and give it to Daisy.

Final Scene

  • Wait 2 days and go to the barn. Buy sunflowers at Cupid and give them to Daisy. Talk with here untill you unlock the next scene
  • The next day go visit Daisy. But be carefull, Diane cannot be pregnant
  • And finally, next day visit Daisy again and unlock the final scene.


Debbie Route


  • Charisma 5
  • $150

Helping Debbie

  • Go downstairs and find Debbie talking on the phone, she has money problems
  • Next day go downstairs and Debbie will ask you for help (lawn). First try to use the mover, then buy a gas tank (Mall > Consum-R). Fill the mover and do your work. When you finish, go with your dirty clothes to the basement
  • The next day go downstairs and open the door to a man, and the day after meet Debbie and Mrs Johnson outside
  • Next day meet Debbie in the entrance, you have to fix a pipe in the shower. Go there, then close the valve in the basement, and come back. Finally, buy a wrench (Mall > Consum-R) and fix the pipe (shower).
  • Next day spy Debbie (shower), and the day after, go to the house front.
  • The next day go to the entrance and help Debbie with the vacuum. And the day after, in the morning, with the dishes in the kitchen. Finally, next day, with the laundry in the basement, but give her the lotion (is in her dresser), to have a massage


  • Next day open the dresser (Debbie’s bedroom), get the underwear, and interact with the bed. Wait untill the evening, go to the entrance, watch TV with her, and have another massage
  • Next day go to the entrance, then to the garage, and finally to the mall with her. Go to Cupid (2nd floor), offer her a necklace, and join her in the dressing room, she will teach you to kiss.
  • The Next day, go to Debbie’s bedroom, and the day after, in the kitchen ask her to teach you to kiss
  • Next day  go to the shower when Debbie is washing herself
  • Next day go to the entrance, and then to the garage. Go to the dealership and make the insurance claim. It’s quite expensive, but with charisma 7 is free.
  • The Next day go to Debbie’s dresser, take the panties, and interact with the bed, when se ask you, tell her you like her, and she will give you a hand in the night.
  • Next day go outside, protect Debbie and unlock another shower sceneNext day go to the hallway, meet Debbie and follow her to her bedroom for more scenes
  • The day after spy Debbie talking with Diane in the kitchen, then try to sleep, but finally meet her in the living room for more scenes
  • Next day, after you go bed to sleep, wake up and go to the pool. Take the towel from the shower, warm up Debbie and unlock more scenes
  • Next day read the note in your computer, take the laundry basket (Debbie’s bedroom), go to the basement, and enjoy more scenes


Diane Route


  • $400
  • Strength 2
  • Library subscription

Working in the Garden

  • Go to Diane’s house > Diane’s garden, Diane’s shovel is broken, so go to your garage and take yours. Then help her in the garden, keep the cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and corns
  • Wait 3 days and go to her garden again, after she gives you the delivery follow Maria to the storage room, then go back to the garden
  • Wait another 3 days and go to her garden again, you have to lift the wheelbarrow
  • Next day, go to the garden, take Diane to her bedroom and bring her a glass of water (kitchen)
  • Next day go to Diane’s house and clean her garden, remove everything, then go to her bedroom. You have to buy the Bug Annihilator Spray (Mall > Consum-R) and clean the garden again.
  • The next day go to Diane’s house, go to the kitchen and take what you need from the garden.
  • The day after talk to Diane in the garden, and give her the tool she needs (kitchen counter)

Delivery guy

  • Wait 3 days and visit Diane, take the milk cartons (shed) and give them to Lucy (daycare), go to Diane’s bedroom and leave the money
  • Wait 2 days and go to Diane’s garden, then meet Debbie in the evening in your house and give the pie to Diane, she is in the shed
  • Next day go to Diane’s garden and work for her. Go to the shed and use the milk pump on the storage jug. Then make a cocktail for her, the recipe is in the kitchen. Then go to the garden and finally apply sunscreen on her back
  • Next day meet Diane in ther garden
  • After 2 days go to the garden and then to the shed for a scene. If you visit the shed again in the evening you will have another scene
  • Next day spy Diane and Debbie in the Kitchen
  • Next day meet Diane and she will ask you for another delivery. The milk cartons are in the shed, the go to the School > Principal Smith’s office > cafeteria, and go back with Diane

Living Together

  • The next day buy a sea trout (Pier > Captain Terry) and go to the kitchen
  • The next day Diane ask you for help, she needs to build a barn. Go to Annie’s house, require the carpenter, take the hammer and the handsaw, finish your job and go back with Diane
  • After 1 week, go to the kitchen, and then to the barn, where Richard gives you a part of a statue. Buy a milk jug (Mall > Consum-R, talk to Jane at the library and take the Breeder guide, finally give everything to Diane
  • After 2 days, in the evening, go to the living room, then to your bed.
  • Next day, go to the kitchen, then to the barn, go to the clinic. In the bathroom (2nd floor) you have an optional scene, then go back to the home entrance and talk to Diane.
  • After 2 days meet Diane, go to the Pink store, take Ivy’s package, and give it to her. Be carefull in this step, don’t make her pregnant

Bonus Scene

You have an optional scene with Diane & Debbie, but it requires having reached high levels of intimacy during Debbie‘s route:

  • Go to the landslady’s bedroom in the evening, after a discussion go back to your bedroom, accept Debbie’s invitation, and finally go to the kitchen next morning.


Eve Route


  • Dexterity 5 and also Intelligence 5;
  • A working computer and also $300;

First Steps

  • Meet Eve in the park (evening), and meet her again the day after at the same time & place.
  • Go to the cafeteria (school) – battle Eve vs Annie.
  • Next day (morning) go to the school right hallway, then follow Eve and talk to her in the auditorium. In the evening go to Sugartats (tattoo), where you will meet Grace, Odette and Tuuku.
  • (After 2 days) go to school and skip classes with Eve, go to the parlor, and to the apartment.

Dress Code

  • (After 2 days) Spy on the girls ni the school boy’s locker room. Eve is hiding in the auditorium. Talk to Principal Smith and the Sport Teacher about the dress code. Wait untill the afternoon, go to Coach Bridget’s office and ask for help (requires desterity = 5)
  • Next day go to the french class and tell Eve.  At the end of the day you will find her in the bathroom
  • Next day find Eve in the Locker room (school), and in the evening in the park. In the Police Station join Grace and Eve (parking lot) as soon as you get out of custody)
  • The next day go to school to find out that your classmate is absent, then go to the tattoo shop and talk to Grace and Odette, and finally go to the apartment.

(Save point: Eve’s gender choice)

  • (After 2 days) Go to the french class and Eve will give you a date. In the evening in Sugartats, use the fire scape to climb up the rooftop. Follow Eve to the tent
  • Next day go to the school right hallway to watch a cat fight
  • Next day go to the french class for another date with Eve.

Grace’s Bike

  • (Saturday or Sunday) Repair Grace’s bike (garage), you can do it if your intelligence = 5
  • Next day, go with the girls, then with Eve to the mall > library > park > Sugartats
  • (Saturday) Go to the party to meet Grace, Jane, Jenny and Odette, Eve will come later
  • Next Day go to Sugartats. Then buy a candle (Consum-R), a box of chocolates (Cupid) and a Lasagna (Tony’s Pizza), Tuuku will get the wine. Go to your appartment and enjoy the dinner with Eve
  • Next day go to school and meet Eve, meet her again in her bedroom at night
  • Go to Eve’s bedroom again, next evening (replay this scene, there is another version)

Grace & Odette

Grace & Odette Route


  • Dexterity 5 and Intelligence 5.
  • A working computer and also $300.
  • Complete Eve‘s route: You have to repair Grace’s bike and unlock all the scenes with Eve. In fact, Odette’s and Grace’s scenes are optional scenes in the Eve’s route.


  • Once you complete the Eve’s route wait until the next day
  • Meet Oddette, she will thank you in her own way
  • (Next Saturday or Sunday) Go to the appartment in the evening and enjoy the massage. But if you want to unlock the Odette’s version of the scene, you have to replay it.


Helen Route


  • Strength 2 and Charisma 7.
  • $1,670.
  • A library subscription.

Mia’s route

Helen’s ending is an optional or alternative ending from Mia’s route. So you have to progress through Mia’s Route until the last visit of Sister Angelica, but before anything happens, before the endings section. Where you have to make a choice, because you can only get one of the endings (Mia’s ending or Helen’s ending)

How to get Helen’s ending?

  • Go to the church and find Sister Angelica and Helen, both are nude, and you can choose to watch or to to join. Of course choose join
  • Next day go to the police station and talk to Harold. From there go to Mia’s house and now you have two new scenes with Helen. The first one will be in the afternoon at her place, and the second one in the church at night.


Jenny Route


  • Intelligence 5 and Strength 7.
  • $2,060.
  • A working computer.

First Steps

  • Spy Jenny when she is having a shower in the morning.
  • Next day afternoon go downstairs and spy her talking about her financial issue.
  • Wait 2 days and have a breakfast with her (dining room).
  • Wait 2 days, go to the upstairs hallway and pay her silence with $100.
  • After 3 days have another breakfast with her and let things happen.
  • Next day go to her room (morning) and find her diary (bed), read it, and try to steal her panties, you can see the photos if you pay.
  • Wait 3 days and have another breakfast with her, agree she is hot and follow her to her room.
  • After 2 days she will come to your room. Then go to Hillside mall > Pink, and buy her the toy she needs. Give it to her (afternoon).
  • Wait 2 days and Jenny and Debbie are talking in the kitchen, the answer is up to you.
  • Next day meet Jenny in the entrance, go to the mall with here and buy the blue & white dildo
  • Next day read jenny’s journal and go to her room when she is in the shower, check the laptop (pass: Bad Monster), and open CAMslut, click on remote access and connect both computers. Do the same in your computer and enjoy the videos.
  • After 3 days you will have a new video (computer), buy the green dildo at Pink and give it to Jenny in the afternoon.
  • Next day you will have a new video.
  • After 2 days meet Jenny in the dining room (morning), talk with Cedric about Jenny at the gym, and then talk to Jenny.
  • After 3 days, in the evening, get out of your bedroom and find Jenny.
  • Nex day (morning) use the telescope. Wait for the afternoon and go to her bedroom, then go to Cosmic Cumics (mall) and find the replica of Pink Cyclone mask. Go back to Jenny’s bedroom.


  • Next day (afternoon) go to Jenny’s room, and the day after, in the morning, meet Jenny in the dining room.
  • After 2 days, in the evening, find Jenny in the living room. Enjoy the scene, and you have also unlocked Pink Channel on the TV (user: L6BV12R, pass: 12345)
  • Next day Jenny will wake you up, and in the afternoon you will go to her bedroom for more scenes.
  • Meet her next day at breakfast.
  • Next day use the telescope again to inspire Jenny.
  • Next day go to the dining room to meet her. The old cheerleader uniform is in the attic, the small key in the entrance and the stool in the garage. No you can open the trapdoor (hallway) and give her everything she needs. But be careful, don’t make her pregnant.
  • Saturday, go to the entrance, then to the backyard, and in the afternoon use the tickets to meet Jenny at the cinema, wait until night for other scene.
  • Next day jenny will be in the dining room, and you will have more scenes in the shower.
  • Wait 3 days and talk with Jenny in the hallway (morning).
  • Next day morning, read her diary, then buy her a necklace (Mall > Cupid) and wait for the night for more scenes.

Bonus Scenes

  • Breakfast: Meet her next day, in the morning, for breakfast
  • Jenny’s Bedroom: Go to her bedroom for more scenes
  • Pool: Saturday morning find her at the pool for more scenes


June Route


  • Dexterity 5 and Charisma 5.
  • $1,350.
  • A library subscription.
  • A working computer.

Mrs Johnson’s route

June’s ending is an optional or alternative ending from Mrs Johnson’s route. You have to progress through Mrs Johnson’s route until you decide to find a girlfriend for Erik or not. Then you have to make a choice, if you find a girlfriend for Erik you will get one ending with Mrs Johnson. But if you don’t find a girlfriend for Erik you can get the June’s ending.

How to get June’s ending?

When you have to choose between s*x education or find a girlfriend, choose find a girlfriend, from there:

  • In the evening ask Erik about his ideal girlfriend
  • Next day go to the computer room and ask June about class. Here you have to choose, and for June’s ending, of course: Keep the gamer girl for yourself.
  • Leave the school, come back and talk to Erik. Then look for June and ask her to hang out. In the evening go to your room, help June with the final boss, and answer Bork time! It’s hot.
  • Next day buy the Orcette Queen Garments (Mall > Comic Store), and give it to June. In the evening go to your room and enjoy the scene


Mia Route


  • Strength 2 and Charisma 7.
  • $1,670.
  • A library subscription.


  • Finish the first homework of Ms Bissette’s – French Dictionary.
  • Next day go to the science class in the morning and talk to Mia, in the evening go to her house, and answer “Yes” when she asks you if you also like her.
  • Next day, in the afternoon, meet her parents at her house. Come back in the evening and talk to her mother.
  • The day after go to the science class, from there go to the police station, ask Earl and Yumi about Mia’s father favourite donuts, buy them at Glazie’s, and go back to the police station to offer Harold the donuts.
  • Next day meet Mia at the science class, and in the evening go to her room.
  • Next day go to the art class, interact with the easel and choose the purple butterfly, Visit Mia in the evening and show her.
  • Wait untill saturday morning and meet Mia at Sugar tats, help her with the tatoo.
  • The next monday meet Mia at school and accept her invitation.
  • When you receive a message from mia, read it and go to her house. Take the key (Helen’s room > Statue), open the left door on the second floor, and release her.
  • After 4 days go to Mia’s house and talk to her, go upstairs and talk to Helen.

Sister Angelica

  • Saturday morning go to the church, open the upper door and take the priest’s chasuble from his bedroom. Go downstairs, to the confessional and convince Helen. Put the chasuble back, and in the afternoon meet Mia at her house.
  • After 3 days, read the message from Mia, and in the afternoon go visit her. Go to the police station and talk to Harold’s colleagues, but also check the photo frame on his desk. Go to Raven Hill, talk to Harold and go back with Mia to inform her.
  • After 3 days Sister Angelica visits you, so in the evening go to the church. Next afternoon convince Helen and in the evening go with her to the church
  • The Next Day meet Mia at school, you have to give te sunglasses to Harold, who asks you to go to the basement.
  • Next day, in the afternoon, go to Helen’s bedroom. From there, go to Pink and buy her the red corset.
  • The next day Sister Angelica visits you again. Buy the Whip at Pink and give it to her in the evening
  • Next day, in the afternoon go to Mia’s house and talk to Helen, to Mia and to Harold. The thief’s bag is in the park, behind a tree, but make sure to grab the golden key also.
  • Sister Angelica visits you again next day, now you have to buy the strap on at Pink. When you have it, go to the church, but first talk with Harold. From here, there are different endings depending on your choices.


  • Watch what Angelica does to Helen.
  • Next day visit Mia at her house, and in the evening go to Mia’s bethroom to have your scene.

Ms Bissette

Ms Bissette Route


  • Strength 2
  • $500
  • The master key: Principal Smith’s office
  • A working computer
  • A library subscription

French Dictionary

  • Go to school > french class and ask Ms Bissette for private tutoring. You will have to find a French dictionary.
  • Talk to Jane at the library, but when she gives you the dictionary tell her about the pages ripped, then tell the same to Ms Bissette.
  • Talk with Judith (left hallway) and get her dictionary. Go to the computer lab, try to print and ask June for help. When you print the dictionary, give it back to Judith and go to the french class.

Homework I

  • Go to the french class and Ms Bissette will give you homeworks. Go to the library and take the book you need, but Jane will ask you to get back 3 books:
    • Erik: Find the book under his bed
    • Martinez: Go to school > left hallway, and follow Martinez to the boys locker room, then open her backpack and take the book
    • Dexter: He is at the basketball court, in the afternoon. Then go to the right hallway, open the beaten up locker and take the book. The key you need is in the Principal Smith’s office
  • Give the 3 books to jane (library) and she will give you the book you need, then go home and do your homeworks.
  • Next day, go to french class and wait for your first reward.

Homework II

  • Next day, go meet Ms Bissete, who will ask you for a poem. Go to talk to Jane at the library, but untill Mia appears (afternoon) and talk with her. The french romance book is in the library backroom, take it and go home to do your homework.
  • Go to the computer lab (next day), print your poems and give them to Ms Bissette.

Final Scene

  • Next day evening go to Ms Bissette’s office (3rd floor).
  • The day after, meet Roxxy and talk with her. She wants her pom poms, so go to coach Bridget’s office in the morning and take them from the locker. Hide inside the locker, then give the pom poms to Roxxy and offer her Jenny’s help. Go home, pay $500 to jenny for her help and talk to Roxxy.
  • The next afternoon welcome the cheerleader downstairs.
  • Next day in the evening talk to Ms Bissette.
  • And finally, one day after, go to the french class, pass the quiz (Bike – cheese – lips) and join Ms Bissette upstairs for your final scene.

Ms Dewitt

Ms Dewitt Route


  • Master Key from Principal Smith’s office


  • Go to the music class to meet Ms Dewitt.
  • Next day go to the music class she will ask you for help, but you need an instrument. Look for Judith (left hallway) and ask her about the flute. Open Judith’s locker (COW) with the master key and take the flute. As you can see, you need a new one.
  • Go to Raven Hill and pick the stick (on the floor), then go to your garage, take the drill (shelf) and do your best in the workbench. When you finish go talk to Ms Dewitt.


  • Eve: Next day go to the music class, you will have to find 2 volunteers. First tal to Eve, then meet her and Erik in Erik’s Basement in the evening where you have to win a minigame.
  • Kevin: next day talk to Kevin at the cafeteria, he needs a guitar. Convince Erik to replace Mr Johson’s guitar. Take the wood planks from the treehouse and find the paint. First try in your garage, then ask Debbie and finally ask Diane. Now you can get the paint from Diane’s garden. Go to your garage, use the workbench, and replace the guitar in Erik’s basement. Next day give the guitar to kevin and inform Ms Dewitt.

Concert & Ending

  • Next day go to the music class, then to the auditorium, and then to Principal Smith’s office to find the culprits looking through the keyhole. Talk to Ms Dewitt, and in the evening go to the park to talk to Eve, Chad… Go to meet Erik at his house and talk him about beer, then take the beer case (basement).
  • Next day go to the auditorium > music class > Auditorium > Ms Dewitt Office
  • The day after, go to the music class and meet Eve and Kevin there, then go to the science class. Ask Erik for help, and in the evening meet him again in front of the school yard. Follow the robed people (left hallway), and go to the Principal Smith’s office (3rd floor), be evil.
  • Next day go to the Principal Smith’s office, then join your band at the auditorium.
  • After the concert, go to talk to Ms Dewitt (music class), and in the evening go to her office for the final scene.

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Johnson Route


  • Dexterity 5 and Charisma 5;
  • A working computer;
  • A library subscription;
  • 1,350$;

First Steps

  • Meet Erik in front of his house and you will also meet Mrs Johnson.
  • Go to Erik’s basement and help him find the trading cards, there are under the aquarium, in the cabinet. But there is one card left and you have to buy it (c*ck crown of thorns) in Cosmic Cumics (Hillside Mall) and give it to him.
  • In the afternoon, go to the yoga room (gym) and talk to Mrs Jonhson (What was that).
  • Next day go to Erik’s basement, then to your bedroom and use the computer, type Orcette (search bar) and buy it.
  • The next tuesday, in the morning check your mailbox, take the package and give it to Erik.
  • Next day you will have a visit when you wake up, is Mrs Johnson, talk with here and then go visit Erik (in his bedroom). Protect Erik at school and go back home to meet Mrs Johnson and Debbie.
  • Next day go to Erik’s basement, then buy the VR Headset and the game World of Orcette in the comic store and go back with Erik.
  • Next day (morning) replace Mrs Johnson for the yoga lesson and in the evening wait Anna in the yoga Room and enjoy the yoga class.
  • The day after, just inform the yoga teacher.
  • Next day, in the evening, go to Erik’s house and spy Mrs Johnson’s bedroom.
  • Next day talk to Mrs Johnson first, and then to Erik.

Burglar & Golden key

This step requires you have unlocked the telescope scene.

  • Once you have used the telescope, catch the burglar in Mrs Johnson’s backyard.
  • Go to the police station and talk to Mrs Johnson. In the afternoon tell everything to Erik, and then talk to Larry. Go to the park and get the golden key. (behind a tree)


  • Go to Erik’s house, then, in the evening invite Mrs Johnson to the basement, where you have to offer her a drink. Win the game and follow her in the back room
  • Next day talk to Mrs Johnson (Erik’s house), then talk to Erik, and go back with mrs Johnson. Now the ending depends on your choice.

Ending with Erik

Requirement: Don’t find a girlfriend for Erik.

  • Next day go to Erik’s bedroom, and find what mrs Johnson needs:
    • Yoga Kamasutra book: library > shelf
    • Anti preg: go to the clinic, talk to Roz, use the phone (2nd floor), open the keybox (1st floor), get the storage access card, and finally get the anti preg from the closet.
  • Inform Mrs Johnson, wait one day and go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom for your ending.

Ending alone

Requirement: find a girlfriend for Erik.

  • In the evening talk to Erik about his ideal girlfriend.
  • Next day look for June (computer room) and talk to her. Convince her to be Erik’s girlfriend. Leave the school, come back, Erik will be talking to June. Then go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom and talk with her
  • Next day go visit Mrs Johnson to her house and have your ending

Ms Okita

Ms Okita Route


  • Charisma 7 and Intelligence 8;
  • Master Key: Principal Smith’s office;

Keycode, lenses & Belt

  • Go to the science class to meet Ms Okita.
  • Next day go back to the class, and Okita will ask you for a keycode. Go to Principal Smith’s office in the afternoon and take the note inside the desk, then use the code (6219) in Ms Okita’s office door. Find Konterina, pick the blueprints, the lab coat and the safety glasses, and give everyhing to Ms Okita.
  • Find Okita, she wants her lenses, then talk to Judith and accept her invitation (park afternoon). But go to her locker (COW) and open it with the master key, take the glasses and talk with Ms Okita, complete the glasses and follow her to her office.
  • Next day go visit Ms Okita, the okitatron belt needs a faptic engine. Find June in the computer lab, she will hepl you with the engine. The talk to Erik (science class), he will help you with the Master Blaster. Climb up the treehouse behind his house, take the controler and give it to June, then give the faptic engine to Okita. Fix the belt and see what happens.

Final Experiment & Scene

  • Wait 3 days and go to the science class, after some conversations Okita ask you for 5 ingredients:
    • Mushroom: Forest > evening > in the clearing
    • Toad: Forest > evening > Outside the cave
    • Flower: Forest > evening > inside the cave
    • Stock: Next day > Mall > Consum R > Buy the Chicken stock
    • Luminiscent Flower: Afternoon > Principal Smith’s office > Convince Annie > Inside the trash
  • When you have everything tell Ms Okita, wait until the evening and go to her office, do your best and make 2 serums:
    • Blue: Flower, Principal Smith’s DNA and also chicken stock.
    • Pink: Toad, mushroom and also …
  • Next day go to the teacher’s lounge in the morning and add the serum in the coffee, go to talk to Ms Okita and wait 3 days.
  • Go to the science class, and in the evening go to ms Okita’s office for your final scene.

Ms Ross

Ms Ross Route


  • Dexterity 3, Intelligence 5 and Strength 6;
  • Master key: Principal Smith’s office;
  • A library subscription;


  • Meet Ms Ross in the art class and grab the block of clay (top of the closet
  • Next day, go to the art class, then talk to Mia (science class) in the morning.
  • Ms Ross want an artpad, so in the evening meet Eve (school right hallway). Bring the backpack (park) to Eve, but Chad has the artpad, talk to him. He wants Eve’s drawing, wich is inside Eve’s locker, so take it and give it to him. When you finish, talk to Ms Ross.


  • Visit Ms Ross next day, she will ask you for 3 magazines. Go to the library, talk to Jane, but here you have the locations:
    • 1st magazine: Go to the teacher’s lounge (2nd floor) and convince Ms Dewitt for the first magazine.
    • 2nd magazine: Go to the basketball court in the afternoon and take the magazines.
    • 3rd magazine: Kevin has the last magazines, and he is in the cafeteria.
  • When you get all the magazines, give them to Ms Ross.

Eael, model, Ink

  • Next day meet Ms Ross, now she needs a new easel. Go to the treehouse (behind Erik’s house), take the wood planks, go to your garage and use them in the workbench. When you finish inform ms Ross, but now, she needs a new model. Talk to Judith and convince her, then inform ms Ross and enjoy.
  • Next day visit ms Ross, who will send you at the church, there you have to talk to Sister Angelica and get the old rags, but the paint is missing, tell ms Ross. Talk first with Eve, then with the Tatoo parlor (north) and finally with Grace (Eve’s sister) and get the ink. Go to the art class and this is how you get the colours you need:
    • Green: blue & yellow.
    • Orange: red & yellow.
    • Purple: blue & red.
    • Pink: red & white.

Final scene

Wait 7 days, go to the art class, then to Ms Ross office at the evening, and enjoy your reward.


Roxxy Route


  • Strength 5, Dexterity 3 and Charisma 5;
  • 400$;

First Steps

  • To start find Roxxy in the 3rd floor of the school, wait till next day and spy her talking in the girls locker room.
  • Next day talk with Eve and Kevin at the school, then go to the basketball court and watch Roxxy and Dexter arguing. When you go back to school, Erik tells you that Coach Bridget is waiting you. After going to the courtyard, go to the boys locker room and talk with Becca and Missy for your first scene.
  • Next day go to the french classroom and help Roxxy, the french homework is in your locker. Roxxy will give you her lollipop in exchange.
  • Wait 1 day, go to school and meet Dexter.
  • Next day go to meet Ms Bissete, wail till the evening, go to the trailer park, and check the new location (left side). Go back home and study with Roxxy in your bedroom
  • Wait 2 days and go to the school hall to meet Roxxy. Then go with her to the trailer, talk with Crystal there, with Clyde (tractor) and complete the shooting minigame. Go to the trailer again, to the bedroom, and wait 1 day.

Beach Party 

  • Go to the french classroom, then to the basketball court, and then back to the class and talk with Roxxy about drinks. Go to talk with Erik, then to the girls, and go to the new location, The Pier.
  • Ask Captain Terry about the fake id, go to talk with Roxxy, then meet her at Hillside Mall and take a picture of you both.  Go back to the pier ($400) and enjoy the scene.
  • Go to school, then to the trailer, read the messsage on the door, go to the tractor, come back and talk with Debbie and Roxxy.
  • In the Police Station, talk with Earl (donut) and with Crystal (basement)
  • Go to the trailer and talk with Clyde (7 charisma).
  • Talk to Roxxy (school), and also with Clyde. At the evening go to Roxxy’s trailer, and then to the park and talk with Pilly
  • Meet Roxxy at school and wait 3 days
  • Talk to Roxxy (Ms Bissette’s class), then look for Missy (basketball court), and finally ask Captain Terry (pier) for Goldschwagger Vodka
  • Saturday afternoon go to the beach and play the bottle game
  • Go to the french class, and then steal the exams from the Principal Smith’s house (left of the school). You will find the exams in the desk of the bedroom, but you need the key (behind the painting)
  • Next day you will have an scene when you give the exams to Roxxy (school). Next day, after doing something for Ms Dewitt you will see Dexter and Becca, but it doesn’t matter for this walkthrough.

Bikini Contest

Saturday afternoon go to the beach water, talk with Terry, then go with the girls and follow Roxxy to the changing room. Find the bikini and give it to her. Give her the massage oil also (beach tower), and enjoy.

Beat Dexter

  • On monday meet Erik at the school, then go to the courtyard and defeat Dexter (5 Strength)
  • Next day accept Roxxy’s invitation and enjoy
  • Next day you will have to beat Dexter again, so go to school and play the basketball minigame at the courtyard
  • And defeat him once more the next day at the school (5 strength and 3 dexterity)
  • In the evening you will have the final scene with Roxxy.

Bonus scenes

  • Locker: Next day go to school and have one extra scene.
  • Beach: (requires the locker extra scene), go to play the bottle game and have another extra scene.
  • Crystal: meet Roxxy in the trailer once more, wait one day and go to talk with Crystal during the day.

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