Tales of Arise: How to get all Trophies and Steam Achievements

Tales of Arise was released on September 10th of this year and made an extremely positive impact on critics, winning Best RPG at this year’s The Game Awards (TGA). With an average of 88% and 99% of critics recommended, the new title brought the renewal that the series needed a few years ago and delivered a dynamic filled with fun and exciting stories.

To help you on this challenge, we’ll give tips on how to do well in Tales of Arise and earn the coveted platinum. But don’t worry, the trophy is not tricky, and the journey for it is super fun.

Tips for Tales of Arise

1. Don’t worry about the difficulty

It might not seem like it, but Tales of Arise can get tricky if you dare to more challenging levels early on. For example, the Unknown difficulty can be an absolute nightmare and is the most difficult of all. But fear not, for going through this suffering will not be necessary.

2. Don’t miss any Quests

Unlike other titles in the franchise, Tales of Arise does not have so many interesting side missions. But, on the other hand, they’re pretty easy to find, thanks to the exclamation points on the map.

To earn the “Troubleshooting” trophy, you will need to complete all 70 side quests.

3. Be the master of creation

In games like Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Berseria, you can craft various equipment to gain new abilities. In Tales of Arise, this is no different. As with its predecessors, it is possible to create multiple pieces of equipment, including accessories.

Required items are collected from points of interest on maps. Some are very rare and can only be acquired at the end of the game. If you have the “Minimalist Weapon Forge” artifact, all the resources needed to craft any of these pieces of equipment are reduced to 1, allowing you to acquire most character sets easily.

The artifact mentioned above can be purchased via DLC or acquired in-game. In case you choose not to spend money, the tip I give is to save the materials “Mystic Luminucleus,” “Shadow Tree Blood,” “Shadow Mane,” and “Majestic Feather” to complete a Rinwell quest, in which it is necessary to create the book “Oblivion Ring.”

4. Learn how to fish

Tales of Arise brings several new systems to entertain the player. One of them is fishing, which is currently present in many genre titles.

Fishing will only be available after Kisara joins his party. When this happens, it will be possible to interact with the points of interest for her to fish. Many skits, quests, and skills can only be unlocked with this system.

5. Titles and Skills

To “save” space and make the skill system more intuitive and straightforward, Bandai Namco “merged” the titles and skills. In the past, these titles changed specific things, like some status, clothing, or resistance to elements. Now, skills are also released through them.

Gaining skill points is relatively easy. Leveling up and/or completing quests usually gives you many points. For example, to unlock the “Abundant Nicknames” trophy, you need to unlock 400 skills, but don’t worry. This will happen naturally during the journey.

How to get all Trophies and Steam Achievements

01. Arisen
Unlock every trophy in Tales of Arise.

02. Emissary of Liberation
Defeat Lord Balseph.

03. Vanquishers of Darkness
Defeat Lord Ganabelt.

04. Comrades in Freedom
Recruit Lord Dohalim to your ranks.

05. Retired Avenger
Defeat Lady Almeidrea.

06. Liberator of Dahna
Defeat Lord Vholran.

07. Invasion Averted
Stop the lights from The Wedge.

08. The Truth
Learn the truth about Dahna and Rena on Daeq Faezol.

09. Destined Liberator
Save both worlds from impending destruction.

10. Wall Smasher
Forge strong bonds with all party members.

For this trophy, it is necessary to camp and talks to the same character several times until you reach the maximum level of intimacy with him.

Every 1 hour, the cycle restarts, and it is possible to talk again with one of the group members before going to sleep. You’ll know the dialogue counts towards the objective when a balloon appears next to the name. The 2nd Mystic Art of your companions can only be unlocked this way.

11. Intertwining Hearts
Forge a strong bond with Shionne. (Follow the Wall Smasher hint)

12. An Honest Mage
Forge a strong bond with Rinwell. (Follow the Wall Smasher hint)

13. Role Model
Forge a strong bond with Law. (Follow the Wall Smasher hint)

14. A Modest Dream
Forge a strong bond with Kisara. (Follow the Wall Smasher hint)

15. Drink ‘til You Drop
Forge a strong bond with Dohalim. (Follow the Wall Smasher hint)

16. Owl Homecoming
Find and report all of the owls.

Once Rinwell joins your party, you can use Hootle to locate all the owls in the forest. As soon as you enter a new map, your companion will alert you to the presence of one of your friends. To find them, just follow the movements of the little owl, which gets more agitated when it is close to the others.

17. Rebellious Spark
Clear your first sub-quest.

18. Problem Solver
Clear 70 sub-quests.

19. Skilled Angler
Catch your first fish.

20. Godly Angler
Catch all kinds of fish and show your Fishing notes to the Fishing Specialist.

21. Speedy Chef
Cook your first meal.

22. Globetrotting Foodie
Learn 30 different recipes.

23. Arms Stockpiler
Forge 100 types of weapons.

24. Jeweler
Craft 30 accessories.

25. What’s in a Name?
Learn the first title skill (not from DLC).

26. Myriad Monikers
Learn 400 non-DLC title skills.

27. Hundred-Hit Smackdown
Get over 100 hits in a combo.

28. One-Hit Wonder
Deal 10,000 or more damage in one hit.

29. Diligent Counterattacker
Perform 100 Counter Edges.

30. High Roller
Spend 400,000 Gald.

31. Peak Strength
Reach level 100.

32. Encyclopedia Zeuglica
Encounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies.

33. Unrelenting Blaze
Defeat Efreet Malum.

As you can see, Tales of Arise also brings famous spirits in almost every game in the series. However, they have an imposing appearance and can be a little more work.

The first of these, Efreet, can be found during the main story, while the others will appear in side quests. I recommend that you start your journey searching for these enemies when you are at level 80. Otherwise, you will face serious problems.

34. Night Blossom
Defeat Meneiys.

35. Quaking Continent
Defeat Grand Gnome.

36. Billowing Cyclone
Defeat Procella Sylph.

37. Raging Current
Defeat Luo Undine.

38. Big Game Hunter
Slay 20 Gigants.

39. Otherworldy Survivor
Clear the “Otherworldly Visitors” sub-quest.

40. Putting the Past in its Place
Clear the “Reminiscence Device” sub-quest.

This is a rather tricky side quest, as you’ll need to face all the main bosses in the game, one after the other.

The recommendation is that you take on this challenge at a high level and are very well equipped. Put someone hybrid in your party, like Dohalim, who is capable of healing and dealing immense damage and casting spells. In addition to him, also bring Rinwell and Shionne, while Law and Kisara are just assistants.

In addition to having the support of your friends, buy lots of HP and PC recovery gels and items that resurrect. The fight can take a while, but once you deal with them simultaneously, the combat gets a little easier.

41. Elite Vanguard
Clear Ultimate level of group training ground fights.

42. Dilettante
Obtain your first non-DLC artifact.

43. Curious Hobbyist
Obtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts.

44. Novice Rancher
Collect your first harvest on the ranch.

45. Veteran Rancher
Collect 50 harvests on the ranch.

46. Owl Spotter
Find and report 13 owls.

47. Owl Scouter
Find and report 32 owls.

48. Ceaseless Chatterbox
View 300 skits.