There are no plans for Shenmue 4

After more than 18 years, Yu Suzuki finally had the opportunity of continuing his franchise with Shenmue III, thanks to fan support through Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the game did not go as planned, having a bad reception among critics and players.

Fans were once again worried about the future of the series, and it appears the director currently has no more plans for an upcoming title in the franchise.

The director says he currently has no plans for a Shenmue 4, but if he ever returns to work with the game, he hopes to make it more accessible to new players unfamiliar with the franchise.

With Shenmue III, the director states that he made a game to please fans, which made the third game unfriendly to newcomers, leaving newcomers “feeling left behind”.

In the past, Suzuki has commented that while he still wants to continue the franchise, he now needs to think about what’s best for his studio by bringing in a product that sells.

With Shenmue 3, I really answred to fan requests, so I wasn’t necessarily thinking about making money. But since I’m now running a business, I have to think about what it can sell if I want to keep going.

Yu Suzuki

Shenmue III is available for PC and PS4.