Through Spacetime Walkthrough [Ep.10 Part 4]


Game starts in year 3021.

Ship with eight beautiful women picks up emergency signal and quickly acts to save the only survivor of a failed experiment. There’s an issue though, the survivor is the last human male in the Universe.

Harem game with few choices and two intervening plot lines.

Through Spacetime Walkthrough

Through Spacetime Walkthrough

Episode 1

Note: All characters start with [Relationship Points] =10.

  1. Choose one:
    A) Never mind.
    B) Prefer to sleep alone. [Eve-1]
  2. C** inside. (Your Choice)
  3. Choose one:
    A) Sure. [Sam+1] [SamC**]
    B) No.
    Note: If you obtained [SamC**], then [Eve+1].
  4. Choose one:
    A) Okay [P1Rape]
    B) Too dangerous. [Good+1]
    Note: #5 is only for those who obtained [SamC**].
  5. C** Outside. (Your Choice)
  6. Whip it out.
  7. C** outside. (Your Choice)
  8. Choose one:
    A) Be rude. [Nat-1]
    B) Sorry.
  9. Be creepy a little. (Your choice)
  10. Yes.
  11. Sexy Lingerie. (Your Choice)

Episode 2

  1. B’job.
  2. Offer special cream.
  3. Choose one:
    A) Go for a kiss. [Lilykiss]
    B) Don’t
  4. Snarky comment. (Your Choice)
  5. C** inside. (Your Choice)
  6. Choose one:
    A) Do it. [MorganPeek]
    B) Don’t do it.
    Note: #7 is only for those who obtained [MorganPeek].
  7. B**s. (Your Choice).
    Note: #8 is only for those who obtained [Lilykiss].
  8. Good idea.

Episode 3

  1. Do more than kiss. [Lily+2]
  2. Spit it out. (Your Choice)
  3. I want to want to. [Princess+1]
  4. Joke.
  5. Let me make it up to you. [Eve+1]
  6. Lewd dream.
  7. Choose one:
    A) I’ll handle it. [ViraForce]
    B) You should do it.
  8. Choose one:
    A) C** inside.
    B) Make her finish you.
     Swallow it.
     Let her spit it out.
  9. C** outside. (Your Choice)

Episode 4

  1. That’s a great idea.
  2. Your choice.
  3. Joke (Your Choice)
  4. Reward her.
  5. Your Choice

Episode 5

  1. I want her. (Your Choice)
  2. Yes. (Your Choice)
  3. A) No time, help Sam. [Viesex]
     C** inside [ViraPreg]
     Finish me.
    Note: Sub-choices will only appear if you obtained [ViraForce]
    B) Sure. [Nrlisex]
     Your choice.
  4. She made me better. (Your Choice)
  5. Suggest Terminator. (Your Choice)
  6. Technicalititties. (Your Choice)
  7. Finish on her. (Your Choice)
  8. A) That’s f’ckd up.
    B) I’m in. [KingPath]
  9. Invite her to you room. [Daniellesex]
  10. A) Believe in God.
    B) Don’t believe in God. [Heathen]
    C) *Don’t pick this it will just loop you back to (A or B)
Through Spacetime Walkthrough

Episode 6

  1. Oral Exam.
  2. Didn’t agree to that. (Your Choice)
  3. Go lower.
  4. Your choice.
  5. For kisses. (Your Choice)
  6. Do it.
  7. Your choice.
  8. A) Change your mind. [KingPath]
    B) Lie that you did. [KingPath] [KingLie]
    C) Not interested.
  9. Your choices (If [KingPath])

Episode 7

  1. A) Spend time with Eve and Natasha. [evntsex]
     C** some more. (Your Choice)
    B) Spend time with Nicole. [ncrmsex]
  2. Your choices. (They don’t mean anything.)
  3. Strip naked.
  4. Your choice.

Episode 8

  1. A) Check her out first.
     Nope.
     Yes! [AngePath]
    B) Have s*x with her. [AngePath]
    C) Send her away.
  2. A) Give them seed. [SisSex]
    B) Politely decline.
    Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [Lilykiss] OR[Nrlisex].
  3. C** inside. (Your Choice)

Episode 9

  1. A) I can trust Andromeda. [AndromedaTrust]
    B) I can’t trust her.
  2. Not really. (Your Choice)
  3. A) Knock her out. {Go to Non King Path}
    B) Agree to be her king. [King] {No New Content Yet}

Episode 10

Non King Path

  1. Have some fun.
  2. Have s*x.
  3. A) Kill her.
    B) Let her live as punishment. [AndaLive]
    C) Let her live for you use. (Best choice IMO) [AndaLive]
    Saving here is recommended.
  4. A) Eve and Natasha Scene.
    B) Morgan Scene.
    C) Mother Superior Scene.
    Note: D is only for those who obtained [AndaLive]
    D) Nicole Scene.
    E) Sam Scene.
    F) Tana Scene.
    G) Vira Scene
    H) Ending.

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