Tibia | Exercise Weapons Calculator

Exercise Weapons were created in order to speed up and, at the same time, make the training of a character’s Skills more practical, but this help has a high cost both in-game and in the Store. To use them and train your skill, you just need to buy an Exercise Weapon and use it in one of the free or private Exercise Dummies that are also sold on the Store.

Types of Exercise Weapons

At first there were only common Exercise Weapons, which had 50 charges

Durable Exercise Sword.gif

when received as a daily reward, or 500 charges when purchased with NPCs or in the Store. Along with the 2020 Winter Update two new types of Exercise Weapons were introduced, the Durable which has 1800 charges and the Lasting which has 14400 charges, both of which can be obtained directly from the Store or by purchasing from NPCs.