Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Every Lucky Dice Locations In The Overworld

Tïny Tina’s Wonderlands came to shake the Borderlands fans, bringing another looter shooter with several new features.

Among these new features are several changes to how luck works. You can now find certain in-game events that improve your Loot Luck, making it easier for you to find even rarer Loot easily.

There are several ways you can increase your luck, there is even a guide just about that, but among the best known are the Golden Lucky Dices.

How does Lucky Dices work?

There are 260 Lucky Dices hidden throughout the game. By collecting them you’ll not only get loot based on their roll. But also collecting these Golden Dice will increase your Loot Luck.

Once you collected them all, you’ll also complete the Lucky Dice Campaign Challenge. That adds another 20% boost to your Loot Luck.

All Lucky Dice Locations In The Overworld

Luck Dice – 1/22

You’ll find the Luck Dice next to the Snoring Valley portal.

Luck Dice – 2/22

Only after finishing the Quest “Son of a Witch,” you’ll be able to deactivate the magical barrier. Allowing you to grab the 2nd Lucky Dice on a nearby ledge.

Luck Dice – 3/22

Only after completing the Quest “Lens of the Deceiver”, you’ll will be able to see hidden bridges in the Overworld. Only then head over to Mount Craw and find the Lucky Dice on a ledge.

Luck Dice – 4/22

Luck Dice – 5/22

You’ll find this Lucky Dice in the dried ocean right, outside Brightoof.

Luck Dice – 6/22

You’ll find this Lucky Dice by crossing over the dried ocean back into the grasslands.

Luck Dice – 7/22

To access this Luck Dice, you’ll need to at least be able to complete the Quest “Destruction Rains from the Heavens.”

Luck Dice – 8/22

Careful the bridge is inviseble, you need to get closer to be able to reach it.

Luck Dice – 9/22

Luck Dice – 10/22

Luck Dice – 11/22

Luck Dice – 12/22

Luck Dice – 13/22

Luck Dice – 14/22

Luck Dice – 15/22

Luck Dice – 16/22

Luck Dice – 17/22

Luck Dice – 18/22

Luck Dice – 19/22

Luck Dice – 20/22

Luck Dice – 21/22

Luck Dice – 22/22

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