Tower of Fantasy: Understand all in-game currencies and stores

In Tower of Fantasy, there are two types of coins:

  • “Summon” coin: The one that allows you to summon simulacra or matrices;
  • “Adventure” coin: the one that allows you to buy in-game items for your character;

Both coins are free, except for the gaccha coin (Tanium), which can be acquired by spending real money. This guide will show the means to get the different in-game currencies and which stores and banners to spend on.

Purple Core

This purple sphere generated naturally by the influence of omnium allows you to obtain the Weapons of Choice banner. It is one of the most straightforward coins to obtain in Tower of Fantasy; as exploring the world, you can find dozens of them. It’s almost impossible to take out an SSR weapon on this banner.

How to obtain:

● Exploration Reward
● Exploration (dandelion, rock oil deposit, etc.)
● Quest Reward
● Event Reward

Golden Core

This sphere, which emits a dazzling orange light, allows you to obtain the same Weapons of Choice banner. The difference is that there is a counter on the banner of this core. Strangely, the background of this banner is purple.

Each summons fills a streak. If you don’t get an SSR weapon/simulacrum in the first 29 summons, the 30th will be guaranteed to be an SSR summon. This number is only valid for the first legendary; the amount required becomes 80 instead of 30.

How to obtain:

● Quest Rewards
● Achievement Rewards
● Exploration Reward
● Event Reward
● Buy in-store with Tanio (paid currency) or Black Crystals.
● Exploration
● Advanced pass

Red Core

The Red Core is the rarest currency in the game, as you will not be able to get it easily, and you will have very little chance of picking it up for free. It is used for temporary banners especially.

The Red Core banner gives a guaranteed SSR every 80 spins, like the Gold Core. But be aware, as it is any SSR.

Proof of Purchase

Proofs of Purchase allow you to order Matrices for your weapons from the Matrice Selection banner. You can get them from time to event and buy them with Black Crystals (150 each unit).

How to obtain:

● During events
● Black Crystal (150/u and 1500 per box)
● Tanium (180/u)
● Advanced pass


Tanio is the game’s paid currency, meaning you’ll have to withdraw your credit card to get it. From there, you can buy various game resources. As always, this possibility always opens up the debate: is Tower of Fantasy pay to win or not?

How to obtain:

● Buy in-store with real money

Black Crystal

This crystal contains unstable energy and is sometimes used as a power source. You can use it to buy vitality solutions, proof of purchase boxes, gold cores, proof of purchase, gold coin, red cores, special coupons and identity upgrades.

This feature is found very easily in the open world and becomes a timeless item in quest rewards, achievements, and many others. It is quite versatile, as can be seen. Choose spending priority according to your style and taste.

How to obtain:

● Exploration Advancement Reward
● Completed Achievement Reward
● Reward for opening supply modules
● Complete main quest and side quests
● Event Reward
● Advanced pass

Energetic Crystal Powder

This currency can be exchanged for goods in the Crystal Dust Shop. It is useful to buy equipment for your character, but also notable items such as gifts or quality equipment boxes to improve your weapons.

How to obtain:

Consuming vitality to participate in different activities such as Joint Operations, Dimensional Rehearsals, Interstellar Explorations, Omniferous Beacons or Space-Time Domains.

Black Gold

Black Gold can be exchanged for weapons in the Weapon Shop, you can buy weapons, but also resources to improve them. This Black Gold is generated after summoning weapons on the banner.

How to obtain:

● By having duplicate weapons during your summon

Basic Chip

Same principle as Ouro Negro, but intended for Matrices. The more duplicates of Arrays, the more Basic Chips you will have. Use them in the Matrix Shop to choose one you like.


Coin that can be used in the Party Shop, obtained during guild events. For that, you will have to join some Alliance.

Training Points

A coin can be found throughout the open world during adventures and challenges. It buys gifts, weapon batteries, and matrix data packs.