Warframe | Endo Farming Guide – Best Ways To Farm Endo in 2023

In Warframe there are several different types of resources that will be released as you progress through the game. One of them is Endo, which in the first few hours starts to become super important.

Endo can be used to improve your Mods and although the small amounts found at the beginning of the game are enough for the beginning of the game it soon becomes scarce.

This guide focuses on introducing you to the best ways to get large amounts of Endo. So you’ll have more freedom to test new builds and Mods without being afraid to spend hours farming to improve your Mods.

1. Sell Ayatan Sculptures (or Stars)

Ayatan Sculptures – Without Stars

Ayatan Sculptures and Ayatan Stars are items you will find during your quests. Both items can be sold to Maroo at Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars.

Maroo’s Bazaar

You’ll find these items randomly during your quests. But once a week Maroo will have special quests that will give you Sculptures. Also, you can do Sorties or Arbitrations which is also a way to get more Ayatans.

Tip: Before selling remember to enter the Stars in Scultures, this will increase the sale value and earn even more Endo.

Ayatan Sculptures – With Stars

2. Do the Arbitrations missions

Arbitrations missions

Arbitrations Missions are special nodes that are only unlocked after you beat each node on the Star Chart once. So this is not the best method for a beginner, but a very useful method for veterans.

During your quests, it is almost certain that you will receive an Endo or an Ayatan Sculpture in each round. Then you will easily reach thousands of Endo at the end of the quest.

3. Do some special Excavations

Some Excavations give tons of Endo, if you know which ones are the best you will have a good source of resources.

You will need to go to the high-level digs: Cholistan (Europe), Despina (Neptune), and Hieracon (Pluto).

Every first and second excavator of every four excavations you complete will have a 25% chance to get 400 Endo. If you get a good team and at a good speed, you can farm a large amount of Endo in a few minutes.

4. Do the Rathuum Arena

Among the main ways of Farmar Endo, one of the main options is to go to Rathuum Arena. Fame in Vodyanoi (Sedna) usually yields a lot of Endo, sometimes even more than Arbitrations.

5. Deconstruct your Duplicated Mods

While it’s not necessarily one of the ways to get a lot of Endo, it’s one of the simplest. Just find the duplicate Mods and deconstruct.

Tips on how to increase your chances of getting Endo

  • Resource booster will not double the amount of Endo you pick up
  • Resource drop chance booster will also not increase the amount of Endo you can get per mission.
  • Nekros ‘Desecrate’ ability will force all enemy corpses around him to drop additional loot with a 54% chance and it also increases the chances to get Endo.
  • Smeeta Kavat with the ‘Charm’ mod has the chance to give you (and your whole team) the ‘double pickups and affinity’ buff.